FRIM på Fylkingen #36 – MMMΔ & ALEM //// Thomas Lehn

March 17 Fylkingen
Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2
Tickets: 100/80 kr
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Doors: 19:30. 1st set: 20.00

FRIM presents a two-set night with concerts by two international acts, both well-renowned on the scenes for experimental music! First set is with German, legendary synth-wizard and electro-acoustic improviser Thomas Lehn!  The second set consists of a rare performance by Athens-based low-end masters MMMΔ, featuring baroque cembalist ALEM. They will present the live version of their recently released album L’âge de l’absolutisme, an idiosyncratic take on landmark late baroque masterpieces, as well as their own repertoire.

MMMΔ are constantly forging their deep monolithic sound, bringing together low frequencies, inter-modulations, dark textures, and distant folk nuances through custom made instruments. On their recent release L’âge de l’absolutisme they've teamed up with baroque cembalist ALEM in order to provide an idiosyncratic take on landmark late baroque masterpieces as well as their own repertoire. ΜΜΜΔ’s signature massive low end establishes a gargantuan basso continuo for ALEM’s keyboard extravaganzas to sit comfortably on.  

Baroque music like you’ve never heard it before.
  Thomas Lehn, an important figure among electro-acoustic improvisers, differs from many of his contemporaries in that he often uses the synth as a discrete instrument. Whereas other improvisers tend to intertwine electronics and acoustics, his instrumental voice stands apart in its disciplined yet exceptionally expressive articulation.
Gil Gershman, Signal To Noise

Thomas Lehn gets incredibly various manifestations from his analogue EMS synthesizer, resulting maybe in the most creative synthetist in recent and not so recent years.
Massimo Ricci, touching extremes

Thomas Lehn's ancient analogue synthesizer is an honestly electronic sound source, but he plays it with pianistic animation, a responsive improviser in an ever-shifting, fluid and powerful music.
Stuart Broomer, Coda Magazine


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