Kasper Agnas

1. 1992
2. Mirroer Memories
3. Far Away, Closer
It’s unfortunately rare for an improviser, especially in a solo context, to concentrate on one idea, a single angle of attack, and to work that idea deeply, to discover hidden jewels within a relatively “narrow” range and further, to surprise the listener with unexpected divergencies. Agnas, in the three selections from a live event presented here, does
this beautifully. On ‘1992’, he places his guitar on his lap and approaches it as a kind of dulcimer, generating a strong and captivating rhythmic attack. Just as you think you have it figured out, he shifts pitches into a more microtonal area opening hitherto unsuspected doorways. ‘Mirrored Memories’ moves to a very different sound world, Agnas gently striking the neck of his guitar with a soft mallet, creating floating, organ-like tones. But again, about two-thirds of the way through, he changes direction, roughly hitting the strings with the mallet stick, resulting in a harsher, more bracing
environment scarcely hinted at in the previous sounds. Agnas begins ‘Far Away, Closer’ with jangly chords suspended in time, perhaps recalling aspects of John Fahey or Loren Connors, very thoughtfully phrased and positioned, each set of two or three allowed to linger for consideration. Abou halfway through, however, things morph into a less solid, more warped space; one feels the ground shifting beneath one’ feet. Later still, CD-skipping effects join the fray, rendering any smug, presumed understanding of the situation on the part of the innocent listener absurd. In Agnas’ hands, th electric guitar continues to reveal undreamt of possibilities.

– Brian Olewnick, Kinderhook, New York, September 2022.

releases February 17, 2023

All music composed and performed by Kasper Agnas (stim/ncb).
Recorded at Fylkingen, Stockholm, on March 18, 2021, by Mats Äleklint. Mixed and mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. Produced by FRIM.


Split Series Vol. 1

The first album in FRIM Records’ new split-series is combining two thrilling and radically different duos. Percussionist Raymond Strid and guitarist Mattias Windemo represent an older generation with decades of experience. Pianist Karin Ingves and saxophonist Marcus Wärnheim reflect a new wave of Swedish improvisers. The album is the third release from FRIM Records, a label run by the concert organizer FRIM (active since 1976).

Track 1-4:
Raymond Strid: cymbals, drums and percussion
Mattias Windemo: guitar

Track 5:
Marcus Wärnheim: alto saxophone
Karin Ingves: piano

released March 25, 2022

ll music by Mattias Windemo and Raymond
Strid; Marcus Wärnheim and Karin Ingves (STIM/NCB).
Produced by FRIM.
Recorded at Fylkingen in Stockholm on May 13th, 2021.
Engineering, Mats Äleklint.
Made with support from the Swedish Arts Council.

All music by My Hellgren & Peter Söderberg (STIM/NCB)
Produced by FRIM
Recorded February 11, 2021, at Fylkingen, Stockholm, by Göran Stegborn
Mixed and mastered by Göran Stegborn

Made with financial support from the Swedish Arts Council


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